Issue with "Change State of" in IE

Nov 26, 2013

Hi everyone

Just wanted to run something past you all. Has anyone ever had an issue with the 'Change State of' trigger? Specifically in Internet Explorer?

I have a series of interactions set up that have a trigger set up to change the state of a graphic (which performs the function of a button) that has an initial state of hidden. The graphics/button change to normal state when the state of all of the graphics/buttons in a button set are visited. 

I have had absolutely no problems with these and have tested them on iPads, Chrome, IE, Macbooks etc. However, I am getting feedback from one potential client that the buttons are not appearing. I have asked for the version of IE that they are using, as well as trying to confirm that their Flash player is up to date, but haven't had this confirmed yet. 

Thought I would be proactive, though, and find out if anyone has ever had this happen to them? 

Thanks in advance


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Ren Gomez

Hi Marie,

I'm sorry you're running into this issue as well! Based on your screenshot of the triggers, everything looks like it should be working as expected, but I'd like our support engineers to take a closer look at your file and confirm the issue.

Feel free to share your .story file with them using the link below, and they'll get back to you with their findings!

Share your file with us.

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