Issue with editing a Hotspot trigger

In Storyline 360, I have created a 'Record Screen' simulation using the 'Test mode'. It It is a sequence of several slides, each containing a hotspot. All is working well and the results slide shows the score when the user completes the test.

The problem:

I want to change the first hotspot's trigger from being 'When: User double clicks' to be 'When: User clicks'. However, when I do this and publish the course, I get an error message saying "Invalid answer. You must complete the question before submitting."

What am I doing wrong?

Things I've already tried:

I have restarted SL and I have also (successfully) made a similar change to the trigger of a different hotspot in the same 'Record Screen' simulation.

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Amos.  When you made the screen recording, did you double-click at that point, or single-click? 

It initially sounds like the "correct" input is a double-click, but the interaction is being submitted with a single click, which is "incomplete" input.

Feel free the share your .story file so we can have a go with it!