Issue with Initial States

Jun 05, 2013

Hi All

On the attached story file, I have two characters appear on the timeline about one second into the slide. They both have a range of states that I have built, and they each have an initial state set-up that is not the default normal one. 

You can clearly see, however, that for a split second the characters appear in these states and the flip to the state that I have set as the initial one. 

This doesn't appear to happen if the characters appear at the very start of the time lines, and it's less noticeable if there are fade effects on their entrance. However, it does appear to be an annoying blip. 

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Annie Jean

Hi James,

I can see what you mean by the "annoying blip"...

The only thing I could thing of was getting rid of the normal state but wasn't able to.

I have duplicated the normal state and renamed it and deleted the picture from the original normal stat which "workarounded" the problem.

I don't know if it is a suitable solution for you?

Hope it can help and have a nice day!


James McLuckie

HI Annie

Thanks a lot for the reply - really good of you to take the time. I will try that workaround and see if I can get it work. Between that and putting the fade on the characters I'm sure I'll find something that works for most occasions. 

I don't remember seeing this issue before, though. I wonder if it has just arrived with the latest update. 

Alan Landers

Hi James,

I would have done this a little differently.  I would have started with Dominic's office (the base layer), as you did.  I would have made the Dominic  "talking 2" jpg the normal state (since that's what you want start with) and I would have placed that .jpg one second into the timeline (the timing you had for it to appear).  That eliminates the jump to a layer and the change of states.  I think that would eliminate the blip.  I would then have the two text boxes you have on the coversation 1 layer appear at the appropriate timing on the base layer.  That eliminates the need for conversation layer 1.  You could still have conversations 2 and 3 appear when appropriate.

James McLuckie

Hi Alan

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I would have set it up more like the way you describe if this had been a one off slide. But I have about 17 hours worth of this course to build, so it's important that we set the characters up with a master set of states, so that we can quickly set them, rather than building them on each slide. 

I've found a workaround, but just wanted to flag that this probably shouldn't be happening in the first place. 

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