Issue with Replay Button

Mar 31, 2016

If I can resolve this issue, I'll be finished!

I have attached a scene that demonstrates the problem I'm having. The requirements are:

Have a replay button on every page that replays the page from the beginning. To do this, I need to set the slide REVISITING property to RESET TO INITIAL STATE.

After the user has seen all the content in the scene, return to the base slide, click the NEXT button, and go to the quiz. This works fine if the base slide REVISITING property is set to RESUME SAVED STATE, but then the replay button doesn't replay the page from the beginning. If I have the REVISITING property on the base slide set to RESET TO INITIAL STATE, the NEXT button doesn't work, because the nav icons on the page are reset from VISITED to NORMAL. Sounds like Catch-22 to me, but I bet there's a way around it so the base slide will replay AND clicking the NEXT button takes the user to the quiz (while not letting the user go to the quiz until they have visited both second-tier pages). 


Thanks for the assist...

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Walt Hamilton


You are so very close. These triggers are on the right track:

However, you are using Text Box 1 to do the job of a variable. Not that that is wrong, but if you use an actual variable, you can also use it on other pages for the same purpose.

I propose this change:

If it is important to you to have AudioCompleted set to true, you may want to change the order of those two triggers, because once it jumps to another slide, it stops going through the list of triggers. 

If you use a variable, then on the first slide, you can set it to return to initial state without worrying about losing the knowledge that the other two slides are completed. Use this trigger:


One other thing: If you click on an object that has a jump trigger, it is hardwired to set the state to Visited if the object has a Visited State.  If you manually write a trigger to do that, there may be conflict, with unpredictable and strange, but seldom wonderful results.






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