Restart course trigger with revisiting state issue

Apr 21, 2016

Hi everyone, I am very new to Storyline, in fact only started last week. so the answer might seem obvious to most of you.

I have just created a button with "restart course" trigger. (My slide revisiting states are a combination of "reset to initial" and " resume as saved". ) However, I noticed that this function will reset every page to its initial state regardless the slide property setting on revisiting,  EXCEPT the page that the user clicked restart button from (if it is set as "resume as saved" on the revisiting property).

Has anyone else encountered this problem or is this intended? Many thanks in advance.


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jiayu!

What is your intended result? Are you wanting to restart the course?

It sounds like the order of the triggers and would be the expected behavior since you are ON the slide when you reset and you're visiting at the same time.

If you wish to go to the beginning, it looks like Sanal has shared a solution. If you wish for the course to re-start, you could have the trigger to Restart when you go back to the first slide to avoid the issue you are having with the slide.

Jiayu Dudderidge

Many thanks everybody, I think I haven't explained my problem very well.

The intended result is for the "restart course" button overriding all slide property, making all slides to be "reset as initial state" regardless of what they were before. In another word, the student could have a clean slate when they restart the course.

However, at the moment, every page behave as expected (i.e. overriding the property) Apart from the page where you click on the "restart course" button from. For some reason this will remain as its original slide property( which is "resume as saved").

I couldn't figure out why, any ideas? 

Jiayu Dudderidge

Hi Leslie,

The intention is to restart the course fresh. By using the "Restart course" trigger, the course does jump to the beginning, however when you get to the page where you clicked the restart button from, that particular page will resume as saved rather then reset as intended. All the other pages are correctly behaved.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Justin,

This thread is a bit older, but are you seeing the same thing on a slide that you've used the "restart course" trigger on? In that you return to that slide and it's in the "resume saved state" set up? If your set up is a bit different can you share some more detail here? If your set up is the same, I don't believe we saw Jiayu's file - so you're welcome to share yours here or reach out to her directly using the "contact me" button on her profile. 

EFCU training

Hi Ashley,

I have been searching for an answer and have found no success as of yet.  I am not using a restart course trigger, although my issue is still the same as Jiayu's.  In my course, I am trying to have our staff not retake a section that has been completed if the next section in not completed.

Attached is the course I have.  What I am trying to accomplish is that staff do not have to retake "Accounts" if "Services" is incomplete.  However "services" slide does not go back to initial state.

Thank you!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Justin,

I'll admit I'm beyond lost in your file with all the branching, slide layers, states and variables being adjusted, and I don't even know the answer to any of the questions to test out what's occurring. This may be a bit beyond my capacity based on the structure you've used and how you've designed it. I did want to note, that if you're looking for the slide to reset - using the "reset to initial state" would be the correct property for slides and layers. You also have a number of variables and state adjustments, and those variable values and states would only be reset if it was adjusted based on a timeline element such as when an objects timeline started. If you adjusted it by clicking on a button that is not undone by revisiting the slide. 

I'm sorry I wasn't able to offer more help, but hopefully one of our community super stars can see something I didnt! 

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