Issue with Results Not Calculating Correctly.

Apr 04, 2017

Hi all I need some assistance. I am trying to have a either or choice (either choice being correct) in a quiz. However, I cannot get it to calculate correctly. I know I am missing something. Can someone please help?



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Christophe Jacobs

Hi Lynne,

Your logic is not correct:

  • Opening a layer does not automatically scores a question. The layer is just for feedback. Getting a point does not work like that.
  • In the form view you indicate that both answers need to be selected before the response is good, however the triggers make sure that you can only click one (before it forces you to a layer).

To fix it you should use a different logic.

In my example I have the same flow but use a 'pick-one' question type to reach the goal you want.

I first make sure I have 2 elements outside the screen that I use as correct and incorrect answer. These elements will never be visible to my end user.

Using the triggers I make sure that clicking a zone selects the appropriate answer. Since both elements are part of the same button set I know that when I select one, the other gets automatically deselected (changes back to the normal state).

See a working version in attachment.

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