Issue with review quiz slide


I get an issue with this match drop-down quiz in Storyline.

When I preview (or publish) it, when clicking on "Review quiz" the slide that appears has two columns of sentences that can't be clearly read and are out of the boxes.

I don't know how to mend it, as I can't access the structure of this slide with the "correct/incorrect" message.

Sorry for the size of the file, this is another issue: I imported these slides from my project and the rest of the master slides came together and I can't delete them.

Thank you in advance!


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David Anderson

Hi Belen,

I see what you're talking about. The issue appears to be related to character length in the match fileds. Thought reducing font size would help, but I'm still seeing the issue. I think this is an issue for the devs to look at since there currently isn't a way to customize the Review slide layout.

I'll submit a ticket on this one. In the meantime, you could try reducing the # of choices and scaling back the length of your matching choices, or removing the Review Quiz option.

Belen Casado

Hi David,

Thank you very much for your answer!

Yes, in fact I thought about changing drop objects to be the short categories and leave the long sentences outside the drop-down menus.

I'll see if objects can be in the Review Quiz slide, and if not, then I'll remove this option.

Thank you for submitting a ticket on this, I think it'd be interesting to have a workaround.