Issue with same Trigger being copied to other objects

Aug 14, 2016

I am creating a trigger on an object to jump to a specific page. I have 4 objects and I want to create a trigger for each that specifies which page to jump to. The problem is that when I set up the first one, it copies the same trigger onto all other objects. I copied the format of the boxes (color, state) - i can't imagine that this is the problem. When you copy the format, it shouldn't copy the trigger..right?  Please help. 


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Christa!

Are you utilizing the format painter? It does copy the triggers as well.

In Normal View, Slide Master View, and Feedback Master View, the clipboard function includes a handy tool called the Format Painter. It allows you to quickly copy formatting from one object to another. This includes text formatting, as well as any attributes you've applied to images, shapes, captions, and characters. And if you've assigned any states or triggers to the item you're copying from, the Format Painter copies those too.

You can read more in this tutorial.

Rajesh Ramesh

Hello Team,

I am having the same issue which Christa kuchinski has. Please find the attached sample Storyline file.

1. I have created 3 rectangle boxes.

2. I have not used format painter option.

3. Module 1 rectangle box trigger - Jump to scene --> Module 1...

4. Module 2 rectangle box trigger - I am able to change the trigger however when I check Module 1 rectangle box trigger also changes with the new trigger. Request you to help.



Rajesh M R


Amanda McC

I'm having the same problem with my own file. The triggers keep copying themselves on entirely separate objects. I even deleted them all, started again (on the same slide) and it still did it. The initial problem was with text boxes but it also did it with shapes. And I opened the file from MV above (triggerscopied.story) -  it was still demonstrating the problem (see video attached). I haven't sent mine because the problem is identical and this demonstrates it perfectly.

A glitch? Very frustrating. A lot of work on this slide with several layers. Any help appreciated, thanks!

Amanda McC

I was just showing the shortcut on that movie by changing the layer on the trigger list without going into the trigger dialog box itself. But I've tried it every way. On the video when I click 'hio' layer on one object it automatically changes it on the other object. Similarly when you click 'domestic' layer, it changes them both again. It will not allow them to be different targets for each trigger. The triggers are copying themselves no matter what I do.

Jan van Vledder

Hello! It's now 2022 and only today, using SL for 5 years now, I suddenly have exactly the same issue as reported and shown by Rajesh.  I did not copy any trigger, but created each box separately, then separately the triggers. The only thing I can think of that it happened after experimenting with multiple question banks in one file. Can that be a clue?

Who knows what happened and how this can be solved?