Issue with Selecting Radio Buttons in Published Courses

Jul 27, 2018


I have published a course in Storyline that includes many quiz slides. Three of my four reviewers have had issues with not being able to select the radio buttons to answer some of the questions when viewing the course in Articulate Review. In some but not all cases, they have been able to select the answer text instead of the radio button. Curiously, it affects different questions for all of them. I can not seem to duplicate this problem.


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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Ellen. You're in the right place for help–and smart move on also opening a support case!

I saw that my teammate, Renson, recreated the issue on two specific slides where the radio buttons were covered by an object. Looks like placing the multiple choices in front of that object did the trick–here are our pro-tips on changing the order of objects in the timeline!

Hope that helps, and we'll be standing by if you need anything else!

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