Issue with selecting screen resolution

Oct 06, 2017


Please see the attached rendering of our course created using storyline. The resolution seems to be fixed to 800x600. Found that there are always the side margins when played on a widescreen laptop which are common these days.

Is there any way to avoid the margins on widescreen displays (the content should take up the entire screen) without compromising the look if the same content is played on 800 x 600 screens.?

Currently, what resolutions do designers prefer to set?




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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Ashish, thanks for the screenshot!

Storyline will never stretch or skew slide content to fit a wide screen, so you'll want to select an aspect ratio that fits most devices.  Common aspect ratios are 4:3 (which is what you're using) and 16:9. 

I have seen folks use the same color for slide background, player, and page background. This creates a seamless look that will fill the browser window, no matter what aspect ratio you've selected. I hope that helps, and I'll hand it over to our community members to share their recommendations with you!

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