Issue with slide masters

Nov 07, 2012

Ok...this seems weird to me....I have 3 slide master designs in my project (so I can have 3 different looks for my different scenes).  When I first started with the project it seemed to work great.  However, now that I have all my slides set up, if I change the design on any one slide it changes the entire rest of the project to that same slide master - so now all my slides have the same design as opposed to different ones based on the scene.  I had originally thought this may have happened due to some copying and/or having the slides linked, but if add a new scene, don't connect it to anything, then change the slide master/design in the new scene, once that one changes ALL the other slides through the project change as well.  How do I get back to having a different design for each scene!


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Adam Hunt


I was able to use that to apply the correct design to the correct slides (had to read all the way down on how to apply design to selected slides).  I'm just surprised that when I have one slide selected already, then click on the design I want that it goes ahead and applies it to every slide.  I'd rather it see it work the opposite way - ie that when I apply a design with a selected slide I'm working on it only applies it to that slide and if I want to apply it to all slides in a project I have to select all of them first, then apply.  Also had some frustrations with setting up multiple slide masters though (only seems to work when I copy an existing slide master and paste it - when I attempt to insert additional slide masters the changes I make to the master don't take - the slide stays blank in the window on the left and then goes away when I close the slide master view - even if I said to preserve it).

But I was able to get it straightened out this time around...have to work more with in on further projects to get the hang of it...

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