Issue with states and triggers

Oct 30, 2015

On slide 6.3 of the attached project I have some text that when you click on it displays some hidden text. The problem is that when you click it again the text disapears. I've used this feature elsewhere in my project and it does not behave like this at all. Slide 6.2. I can't figure out why it's behaving this way. Any thoughts from anyone? 

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Michael Hinze

This may not be what you want but have a look ath 6.3 of the attached. Rather than juggling all these triggers, I simply added a Selectd state to the three text boxes on the left and grouped these items into a buttons set. Then I added the text and bitmap to the right to the Selected state of each item. I could have also used Layers instead of Selected states to display the additional info. That seems a much cleaner solution, less triggers means less opportunity for errors.

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