Text field automatically loses focus when I click since March


I have a Notes layer which has a text input box on my Slide Master. It was working up through the January 28th version of Storyline 360. Since the March release of Storyline 360, when I click on the text input box, the layer disappears. I can tab to the text input box, though.

I have several projects that have been on hold for this functionality.

On March 3rd, 2020, Articulate released a new version of Storyline 360 that stated the following fix:

- Fixed: Data-entry fields stopped responding to on-click triggers.

It seems, however, that for my project, this "fix" actually broke that functionality.

The text input field is working for the base layer and layers on slides in the course. The text input field does not seem to be working (or I cannot access it when I click it) when it is on the Slide Master. I can only access the text input field by tabbing, if the text input field is placed on the Slide Master.

I have the "Hide Other Layers" box checked on the problematic Notes layer on the Master Slide.

Thank you for any information you can give me.


Shannon Gunn



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