Issue with states & triggers - help please!

Nov 18, 2016

Hi All,

I've created an Articulate Storyline 2 file with icons that I want to behave as follows:

State = Normal - when icon is first seen.

State = Hover - when icon is hovered over. (Orange boarder around icon)

State = Visited - when icon is clicked on. (Green boarder around icon).

The first two states are working fine. Its the "Visited" state that isn't behaving as I had hoped.  My desire is for people to click the icon, which then invokes a trigger to another slide to watch a video, and then return back to the original slide and have the icon appear with a green boarder (visited state).

What i'm experiencing is that I can click on the icon, watch the video but upon returning to the original slide - the icon has disappeared all together!

I've attached a smaller version of the actual file i'm having trouble with for you to have a look at.

Any help is greatly appreciated!




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Stevi-lee Hancock

Thank you Sheena! The adjustments you've made make the button itself not disappear anymore which is great! However, i'd hoped that upon returning to the initial slide, that the button i'd clicked would appear as the "Visited" state, indicating to me as the user that i'd already clicked that button and watched that video.  Do you have any suggestions?


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