Issue with Submit Results trigger

I noticed that Storyline will submit quiz results even if the trigger doesn't exist on the results slide.  Is there a reason why this happens?  If the results slide automatically submits results, why have the trigger on the slide?

Is there a way for me to use the trigger to submit results and not have the results slide submit?

This is somewhat related to my other question i posted today:

I was hoping to have my own submit results trigger somewhere so that when someone resumes the course and returns to the results slide it doesn't accidentally submit a results set of undefined values.

Let me know if you need more information.

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Emily Ruby

Hello Chad!

The Submit Results trigger by default is added to the results slide. When you use this trigger, it can only submit the results slide that is being used.  You could remove this from the results slide layer triggers and add a button elsewhere in the course to submit to the results slide.

As far as a user resuming to a results slide, they only way they can do this is if you allow resuming, and they have already been to the results slide. The results slides are not visible in the menu navigation to prevent users from jumping to the slide without finishing all the questions.

Chad Keller

Hi Emily,

Thank you for your response.

To your first point: Based on my testing the results slide submits results with or without the "Submit Results" trigger.  I even tried to add a condition to the trigger so that the results slide never submits results with no success.  The results slide does what it wants to and doesn't care about the submit results trigger.

To your second point: Resuming is being used in these courses and the result slide is being used as the final slide with a "End Course" button.  So since your ending the course on the results slide, it will resume to the results slide if you choose to resume.

If you read my other question about resuming on the results slide you will see that this is a big issue with how the results slide functions and how resume causes 'dirty' responses to the LMS.

Unfortunately I am tied to Storyline 1, so I haven't tested to see if these same issues exist with Storyline 2.

Let me know if you need more information. (perhaps an activity log from Scorm Cloud)

Thanks again!

Emily Ruby

Hello Chad!

You may want to look at this article here about how to submit all the answers at once instead of using the built in submit buttons. As far a  user resuming where they left off, being the results slide, it should not change the previously submitted results. If you are seeing behavior where resuming to the results slide is changing the score, can you share a .story file here for us to test?


Chad Keller

Thank you for your time Emily.  I am already doing what you suggest with the submit buttons because the client wanted people to be able to go back and change their answer before submitting at the end.

Also, while reading the article you mentioned; it mentioned about making sure that the learner has answered all the questions because the results would be inaccurate since there are unanswered questions.  This seems to be what happens when you resume and are using the Prev/Next button technique to ensure that results are submitted all at once.

If you run through the quiz the first time and end the course.  You will notice that the scorm interactions are recorded as expected with valid learner responses.  As soon as you launch a 2nd time and choose to resume, you will be sent to the results slide immediately and the three questions are submitted with 'undefined' learner responses.  What happens now is that you have a 'dirty' report because the course submitted an extra set of responses as soon as you resume to the results slide.

Out of curiosity, I ran the course and answered the first two questions and closed the course. I then re-launched the course and resumed in the middle of the quiz.  Once I finished the quiz and exited the course, my activity report showed that some of the learner responses were shown as 'undefined' as if it didn't remember what questions were answered before the resumed session.

I hope this makes sense.

Here is an example file with three questions.

Emily Ruby

Hello Chad,

I ran the course through the SCORM Cloud and made it to the results slide. It showed my score and status. Then I closed and resumed at the results slide and closed out and it still showed the same score/status.

If you are seeing issues from your LMSs end, you may want to try and troubleshoot with them. Or you could open a support case with us if you would like someone to look at the debug logs.

Chad Keller

Hi Emily,

Yes, Visually nothing is wrong in the storyline course when resuming to the result slide.  The issue is on how Storyline reports information back to the LMS when resuming from the course.  If you look at your activity log on SCORM Cloud for the session where you resumed to the result slide.  You will see that the 3 quiz interactions were submitted with 'undefined' learner responses.

I talk more about the learner responses in this thread.

I just took notice that without the submit results trigger the course never evaluates course completion.  So the question responses get sent to the LMS, but the course never gets marked completed/passed if you actually pass the test.  As soon as I added the submit results trigger back on the results slide it marked completion correctly.  This is a good thing to know.