Issue with the curve tool

Sep 18, 2019


I have a big problem with the curve tool that does not work well.
When I draw the curve segment by segment, the display is correct, but when I finish the curve, the result is totally different from the one displayed during the creation. moreover, there is no way to change the curve afterwards, as it is possible in PowerPoint to select the points and change their appearance.

this makes the tool unusable, I have to use PowerPoint to create the curves and paste them into Storyline, but they are displayed as an image and I lose the ability to change the color or thickness of the curve.

A fix would be very much appreciated

Example in attachment

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Georvy Sacramento

Good morning Eric,

Yes, I know how it feels and this must be frustrating on your end. I've had similar situation and stumbled across two other discussion related to issue with curve tool.

I think this is still an Articulate feature request that is yet to be deployed in Storyline.

As a temporary solution, if you still have access to PowerPoint, you could create your curve and modify it in PowerPoint. Once you're done, you can right-click the shape and save it as an image, then insert that image into your Storyline slide. 

I think it's the workaround that we can do until this feature request is realized.

Hope this helps.


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