Issue with users not closing browser window in Silkroad LMS

Jul 26, 2018


I'm developing courses using Storyline 360 for a client who uses Silkroad LMS. They track the amount of time their learners spend in a course, and pay them for that time. The issue they are having is that learners will frequently start a course, and just leave the browser window open for long periods of time. Or they will complete the course, but not close their browser window.

Silkroad has said that there is nothing on their side that will fix the issue, it has to be done from within the course content.

I'm being asked if there is something I can do in Storyline 360 that will close the student browser window after "X" amount of time has passed. In other words, can I create a course timer that would automatically close the learner's browser window when the time was up. Forcing them to relaunch the course from the LMS.

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!



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