Issues sending value of text-entry variables to an LMS

Jan 23, 2015

I’ve created a course (a fillable form) in Storyline 2 and I wanted to send the values of the text-entry variables to the LMS, but when I upload this to the LMS and test it, the User Response comes back as “null”.

Rather than doing one question per page and have the user click the Submit button for each question, I wanted to create a learner-friendly way to fill out a form so that all the text entry questions are on one page and the user only has to click the Submit button once.  I've followed the directions from the following post.

It appears that the other information from the questions feeds over fine, except for the user's response.  I can't find where I went wrong as I've re-traced my steps numerous times from those instructions and it appears I did everything correctly.  I've submitted a ticket to our LMS vendor and they have responded that the variables should be fine and work with our LMS.  Could someone take a look at the course and see what I am missing?

Thank you very much!


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi LeAnn,

You may also want to test this at SCORM Cloud to see how it behaves there and that'll help you narrow down if there is an issue in how your LMS is reading and reporting on the text entry associated with the short answer questions. 

Also, I see on slide 1.2 you have a trigger to submit the results - but the results would not be calculated yet as the questions have not been submitted - they'll need to visit your actual results slide (slide 1.7) to have that go through. 

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