Issues when reviewing Storyline on SCORM Cloud

Mar 05, 2021

I am currently testing a file on Moodle and SCORM Cloud.

Is it normal for SCORM Cloud to ignore my settings? Timing, buttons, even the settings on the playbar are not applied when viewing the module on SCORM Cloud.

Otoh, I am once again stuck on the results page in Moodle and cannot move forward to the next slide. Stuck with a loading circle.

SCORM Cloud at least allows me to finish the module.

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Charlie!

What you're running into with SCORM cloud and Moodle is not expected behavior. SCORM cloud shouldn't ignore the settings you've built in the course, and Moodle shouldn't stop on the Results Slide if there is a trigger to jump to the next slide.

I'd like our Support Engineers to investigate further. Would you mind sharing the .story file with our Support Team in a case?