Storyline not passing completion status to Moodle

Mar 24, 2013

Hi, I have a 4 storyline modules (published as scorm 1.2 and reporting complete/incomplete when x number of slides are viewed.  They have been uploaded to Moodle 2.2.3 as activities - each of these 4  scorm activities has to be completed before the course is marked as complete.

The problem is that Moodle is not recognizing when the storyline modules are complete. When I go in and complete a module it still says 0 of 4 completed.

I have uploaded and tested on Scorm Cloud and they are working correctly there.

I am not sure why this is not working in my client's Moodle site.

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Phil Mayor

Hi Nancy how are you tracking?  If it is by slides have you set it to learning objects?

Have you set a grade in the grade book?  Are you suing the mark complete feature in Moodle.

I would choos passed passed/incomplete when reporting to Moodle, but your settings should work.  Also have you applied the scorm fix, this appeared to work for me last week when we had a similar issue.

sorry I think I gave you more questions, not answers


Nancy Woinoski

Hi Phil, is this where you set the pass grade? It is on the Edit Course Completion Settings Page.

I enabled this and set the Passing Grade to 1 and now this is what I am getting when a student takes a module.

It still does not mark the activity as complete and gives a grade of 75 percent - I have the module set to passed/incomplete now and is still set to page completions.

Nicholas Bovee

I don't have a solution, but this might be related to my problem so I will post it here.

Phil, my settings in Moodle are identical to yours (as you described here).

But in my case, the SCORM packages send a "1" to the Moodle gradebook even if the user fails! Completion seems to be the only necessary criteria for the user getting a "1".

If I go into the SCORM settings and re-save the settings, then the gradebook is mysteriously updated to show the correct 1 or 0 learning object scores.

The issue might have something to do with the following. When I look at the SCORM report, I see that the failed SCORM has a Score of "0", as it should:

However, when I click on "75/100" to see the details, I see that the Score is recorded as the percentage, or "75" in this case:

Both the "0" and the "75" are labeled "Score". Are these supposed to be the same variable? I only need the learning object variable of 1=pass and 0=fail reported to Moodle.

I am guessing that when the user FIRST completes an activity, the "75" is sent to Moodle. Since the passing score is set to "1" in Moodle, the "75" recorded as a passing grade. Then, when I re-save the SCORM settings, Moodle somehow recognizes the learning object score of "0" and updates the gradebook accordingly.

I'm using Moodle 2.2   Any ideas you might have would be greatly appreciated.

Nicholas Bovee

Thanks for your reply. As I understand it, the software will pass a percent score to the LMS regardless of whether the setting is learning objects or not. I don't necessarily want it to pass the percent score, just pass or fail. Is this a setting in the software? I use both Quizmaker and Storyline.

I thought if in Moodle you set it to "learning objects" then a passing grade will be reported as a "1" and a failing grade as a "0". Is this incorrect?

Phil Mayor

I have never seen a score using learning objects.  Are you tracking by slides viewed?  I understand al the information is sent, but completion is being set based on the completion setting you stipulated when you published.  I have never seen a score from a quiz reported and overriding these settings.

Have you set a score in the grade book? If not then it will be marked complete without finishing the course

Nicholas Bovee

It's strange because the "Score" field says "0" (i.e. failed) on the first report screen, but says "75" on the details page. I am tracking by quiz score, which I understood to be the correct way to do it if I want to use the learning objects setting in Moodle. (I'm using Quizmaker, so I'm not even sure tracking by slides viewed is possible.)

If I understand correctly, this blog post suggests that tracking by quiz score is correct if you want to use Moodle's "learning objects" setting. Excerpt:

  • Click on the "Tracking" tab and set the project to track slide views or a quiz score.
    • Slide views - Best used for Presenter projects that don't include a quizmaker or Learning Objects quiz.
    • Quiz score - Best used for Quizmaker and Presenter projects that include a Learning Objects quiz

Are you saying that the "learning objects" setting is to be used only if you export a project that is tracked by slides viewed, and that it cannot work properly for a project that is tracked by quiz score?

Thanks so much for your time!

Nicholas Bovee

P.S. In this Articulate forum post about Quizmaker score reporting, it says:

  • If you choose "Learning Objects" you only get "1 point" if you passed the quiz and "0 points" if you failed. Therefore I prefer the "Highest Grade" because you get a more differentiated result (100, 85, 70...points or better %).

Getting 1 point for pass and 0 point for fail is exactly what I want!

And to reply to your other question, I have set a passing score of "1" in the gradebook.


Nicholas Bovee

Right! I got it.

I can't do it with the stuff I have already uploaded because I have over 100 SCORM packages... but I thought of another way to convert percentage to 1s and 0s. If I have the passing grade set to 90%:

=(round(([[SCORM1]]/100)-0.4))+(round(([[SCORM2]]/100)-0.4))...and so on.

Therefore, regardless of whether a user gets a 90% or 100% on SCORM1, it will be rounded up to a "1". Anything less than 90%, it will round down to to a "0". This will be displayed in a custom grade column in the gradebook.

If I have 8 activities in a section, for example, I can multiply that total number resulting from the formula and multiply by a constant - in this case 12.5. Thus, if the user passes all 8 activities, that's 8 x 12.5 = 100.

I haven't tried it yet, but it seems like it should work!

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