Moodle Completion Tracking Challenge

Aug 18, 2016

I have a number of course modules that are produced in SL2. They are output as web packages and not as SCORM because we had previously found that there were problems with SCORM tracking in Moodle. There are no quizzes to track in these modules, but we want to make sure people complete them fully. I have made future activities dependent on people completing the previous ones. However I have discovered that as soon as someone clicks on the Storyline package to open it up, Moodle marks the activity as complete. They don't actually have to go through the whole module. They can just click on it and then immediately exit it and Moodle will mark it complete.

I don't think I can re-make these modules as SCORM packages because we have many people that have already completed them and their certificates are dependent on those activities being completed as they were already done.
Does anyone have any good ideas or solutions to make sure people complete this whole instructional module in Storyline and have Moodle only mark it complete it they have finished the whole thing?

Many thanks,

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Whitney Lowe

OK, great to know and thanks!

Any idea how to change this midstream? If we move all the SL modules to SCORM activities people who are halfway through the course would lose their completion tracking on modules they have already completed. It wouldn't be so bad if it was a small number, but we are talking 1000s of users at this point. 

naseema sk

Hi Phil could you please tell me how can i show percentage of course viewed in moodle with scrome uploaded file. my concern is i have 50 slides in my scrom file if user clicks 20 or 25 slides then it has to show 50% course is completed for user. and if he agian logged in for same course  it has to show from 25 slide i mean resume the course in scrom for moodle.

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