Storyline and Moodle Completion Tracking Issue

Aug 04, 2016

I have a series of Storyline course activities that are loaded into our Moodle LMS. Our client wants to have people be able to click a button at the end of each Storyline Module and go directly to the next one without going back to the main Moodle course page first. 

We have to have completion tracking on in Moodle to determine if they have completed each activity. What is happening is that Moodle (in some cases, but not all) is not recognizing course activities as complete and is requiring people to go back to the main course page and go through them again. 

I am suspecting that because the next course activity is being launched from within SL (with its URL as a trigger on a button in the SL file), that maybe Moodle doesn’t mark it off as complete. Perhaps Moodle wants them to click on the course activity link in Moodle (launching the SL module) in order to mark it as complete. Anyone have any ideas how to get around that?

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Whitney -- Thanks for reaching out here and sorry for your troubles! While I am not familiar with using Moodle, there are many here in the community who are and they may be able to offer additional ideas for what you have in mind. And if you reach out to Moodle directly for their insights on what you'd like to achieve, please feel free to stop back in and share for others who may benefit, as well. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Whitney,

I suspect the situation you described in terms of how you think Moodle is tracking that they've accessed the course would be correct - we do have a number of folks here who are prolific Moodle users, and you may want to reach out to Dan Marsden specifically as I believe he does some developing for them. 

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