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A few of us in my team are having issues with copying and pasting images between Storyline files. When we try to do so, we get the box outline but it is empty and then we have to go to 'change picture' to reinsert it. I have seen a few posts about issues copying outside of SL for example into a word doc, but is this not possible from one SL document to another? Or do we have a bug somewhere? We are often working on multiple modules which use the same icons or images so it is a lot easier if we can copy and paste them across so they are the correct size etc.

Thank you in advance, 


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Helen Hill

Hello, thank you for your response.

It is happening in both SL2 and 360. We are working in both at the moment, though as of yesterday everyone now has a 360 licence so we should all be starting to work in that now.

The files are not saved to the hard drive, we have a separate drive specifically for saving all our work which gets backed up. Is that the only way to resolve this? To work from our local drive? We are not supposed to do that due to many of us working on the same projects and the issues it creates with version control etc.

Crystal Horn

Thanks for those details, Helen.  It sounds like you have a team that collaborates on lots of projects.  With Rise, you can easily collaborate on the same project with the Teams Collaborator feature.

Collaboration in Storyline works differently, however.  Because your files are most protected when saved directly to your C: drive, it is recommended that you copy the file down to your local drive, edit and save locally, and then copy it back to your shared location.  In your situation, this would mean foregoing having multiple people working on the same project from a shared drive.  Doing so makes your project vulnerable to corruption or other weird behavior due to network latency.

Here are some ideas:

  • Can you use the Team Slides feature?  You can create a library of shared team templates to help with branding and design control.  Unconventionally, you could even store your common images and other assets on slides in the team library for teammates to use.
  • What if each person worked on a separate .story file, and when edits were nearing completion, they were combined into a single master file?  I'm making the assumption that different people are authoring different sections.

Hoping we can help you be successful with your projects and get you into the most comfortably collaborative situation we can!

Helen Hill


It's not about separate people authoring different sections as such (though that does happen sometimes and we work as you advised). It is more that we have graphic designers, instructional designers, standards and project managers in and out of the files all the time and we saved to one location so all can access and know they are using the most up-to-date file. We have spent a lot of time trying to ensure that people are saving everything on our shared drive so that they can be accessed by all and have just about got there, so it is a bit of a backwards step to now tell them to do the opposite :)

I have emailed the team to let them know that they might have to start copying the files to their computer and immediately put them back on the shared drive when they have done their bit, if they have a lot of copying and pasting to do or are finding issues. We will have to see how it goes!

We haven't yet looked at the team slides and Rise features (having only gopt 360 for the majority this week), so I will have a look at how we can use those. Thank you for pointing me in their direction!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Helen, 

You're not alone in trying to share files on a network or shared drive, it is an easy way to share that most people are used to.

As Crystal shared the issue comes to a head when two people are trying to access a file at the same time or even the file is continuously being synced to the shared drive. That syncing and multiple authors could cause issues as simple content that isn't saved or overwritten to much scarier thoughts like files that ultimately become corrupt and unusable. Once a file is corrupt, there is sadly no way to reverse it - so I hope that you're able to start working locally, as I'd never want you and your team to be in that position! 

Please let us know if you need anything else! 

kevin kissack

FIXED (Workaround) - Pasting Images from other Artic Files

A workaround for this fault, is to import the slide with the images you need (like photos).

The artic files/images can be local or on a server, or even pasted from another program. 

  1. Slide > Import > Import Storyline.
  2. Select the slide that has the images you need.
  3. Select import to 'current or new' scene. 
  4. Import.
  5. Copy and paste images from the slide(s).
  6. Delete the slide/scene when finished.
kevin kissack

FIXED (Workaround) - Pasting Images from other Artic Files

A workaround for this fault, is to import the slide with the images you need (like photos).

The artic files/images can be local or on a server, or even pasted from another program. 

Slide > Import > Import Storyline.
Select the slide that has the images you need.
Select import to 'current or new' scene. 
Copy and paste images from the slide(s).

Delete the slide/scene when finished.