Issues with Hotspot Triggers

Aug 14, 2013

Maybe I'm trying to make this too difficult, but here's my issue. Ideally I would like a layer to show up when a button is hovered over if it is in a disabled state. If it has already changed to a normal state, I don't want the layer to show up.

I tried doing this with triggers and conditions on the button itself, but the hover over trigger wouldn't work (I think perhaps because if the button is disabled, it's disabled for everything). So I created a hotspot over the button and created the triggers below. However, I only want the hotspot to go to the next slide IF the button underneath it is in normal state. For some reason that is not working properly. The hotspot goes to the next slide no matter what condition I have on it.

Any thoughts?

EDIT: Ugh, my screen shots never show up when I try to post. It's attached.

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