Issues with HTML5 Version of SL2 Course

Oct 12, 2016

Hi Folks-

I'm working on a prototype and I'm running into some odd behavior with the HTML5 version. Let me say at the outset, my testing has been restricted to running the HTML5 version in a browser on my PC. I understand Firefox and IE aren't supported for HTML5, and I'm running Chrome 54.

So here's the deal:

I've got a slide with 5 layers in addition to the base layer. In addition to some graphics, five interactive objects load on the base layer:

  • 4 rectangles with text - Click each one to reveal a layer. Each rectangle has an exit animation (fly out).
  • 1 button (labeled Get Started) - Click it to move to the next screen. But if the state of any of the rectangles isn't Visited, then clicking this button will reveal the 5th layer which says you need to click all the rectangles to move on. 

The timeline of the base layer pauses at a cue point (2 seconds). If the rectangles are all Visited, then clicking the Get Started button resumes the timeline, the rectangles fly out, some other graphics come in, and then the slide moves automatically to the next slide.

This all works in the Flash version, but not in the HTML5 version. You can click the four rectangles in any order. Pick one to start with and click it. The rectangle state is changed to Visited, and the associated layer is revealed. Click the exit object on the layer to hide it, and the course moves on the to next slide as soon as the layer is hidden. The course shouldn't move on until the Get Started button is clicked AND all the rectangles are Visited. 

I'd greatly appreciate any suggestions and insight into this problem.



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Dan Epstein


Sorry I didn't see either of these replies until today. I'm not getting notifications. Be that as it may...

A colleague of mine checked things out. Apparently, it was the pause/resume on the timeline. He removed it, and just added a slide to take care of the animation I wanted to use to make a smooth transition.

Here are both .story files. The file appended PV is a stub version of just the first set of slides with the fix. The other file is the original. See slide 1.3 of the original; it's the one with the pause/resume.

Leslie McKerchie

Well Dan - I'm just going to be honest here and say you stumped me. Either I'm not understanding what the 'fix' should be (because it still didn't look right to me) or I'm simply having a bad day post travel. Either way - I've submitted your issue and files to our support engineers to take a better look so that you can get some better assistance. I will follow along as well.

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