Issue with Hyperlinks in Storyline & Rise in Microsoft Edge

Since we switched to Microsoft Edge corporate-wide, we're running into an issue with hyperlinks in Storyline and Rise courses in our LMS. From other things I've read, it sounds like this is a browser thing and nothing can be changed in the course, but I'm still going to throw it out here if anyone has any ideas or maybe I missed a thread that can point me in the right direction. (Note: we also have this same issue if courses are opened with Chrome.)

When a course is opened, it has a launch page within our LMS (Saba Cloud). The Storyline/Rise course then opens in a new window. When a hyperlink is opened from the course, it opens in a new tab of the original browser window with the LMS launch page. When the learner closes out of the hyperlink, it brings them to the launch page not the course. The course is still open, but returning to the launch page makes the learner think it's not. If they close the launch page, it does close the course. (Although a waste of time and minorly frustrating, if there are no triggers related to the hyperlink, there's not really any harm done if they need to reopen the course where they left off. However, if the link happens to be a prerequisite for advancing in the course, the trigger doesn't register and they can get stuck in a loop.) We try to put reminders in the course to either right click and open a link in a new Window or to press Alt+Tab to find the course after closing out of a hyperlink, but many don't remember this.

Does anyone have any tricks to force a hyperlink to open in a new window on top of the course? I've found some things that sort of work, such as a lightbox slide with a web-based object in SL or a WBO on a layer that launches in a new window, but both tend to be tedious and not ideal in all situations. They also don't work for Rise, where we are starting to do more development.

Any ideas or links to other threads that might help would be appreciated!


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Marc Brown

Hi Tessa. We are experiencing the same issue as we use Saba as our LMS as well. We resolved it in Storyline by using the Execute JavaScript function and use the attached script. It is working well. I will ask, did  you find a way in Rise to fix this issue. The options in Rise for a URL link are very limiting compared to Storyline. What fix did you apply? Thanks.

Tessa Maki

Thanks so much for this info, Marc! Since I reported the issue, we had another project come up to implement some new software, so my focus has been shifted away from any development in Rise. Unfortunately I haven't been able to work towards a solution, nor have I taken Lauren up on their kind offer to assist! If/when I can get back to this, I'll be sure to report back if we find a solution. 

In the meantime, perhaps the reports of others having the issue will lead to Articulate providing additional options for the URL links in Rise.

Lauren Connelly

Hello Kari!

When hyperlinks open in Rise, they utilize a new browser tab. We've logged the option to control how hyperlinks open (same tab, new tab, pop-up/lightbox) as a feature request. I've linked this discussion so that you'll be notified if this approach changes. We'll be sure to keep this thread updated!

Kari Olson

Hello Lauren,

Thanks for your response on this issue. Question: Do you have any idea if this option for controlling how hyperlinks open will come to fruition and if so the timeline on it?

Background: Recently, our department purchased Articulate 360 suite for several associates and this link issue is a big deal. Currently, we (the developers) build webpages so we can manipulate the code to open links as a pop-out in front of main course. This way our agents/learners don't get lost while going through our training. We had wanted to bring on board more developers that didn't need to know HTML/CSS and could build courses using Articulate Rise. However, management will not accept hyperlinks opening in a new tab and minimizing the main course to the task bar. I really want us to be able to utilize the Articulate 360 suite, so I'm hoping your answer to my above question is a positive one.

Thanks for any clarification you can provide.


Becca Levan

Thanks for following up with these extra details, Kari!

I'm sorry that I don't have a specific timeline to share at the moment. I understand how this feature would benefit your environment, so I've added your comments to the report we're tracking for our team to review.

You're in the right place for future updates, and in the meantime, I wanted to share insight on how we manage feature requests.