Issues with Multiple Custom Drag n Drop Quiz Reviews

Feb 05, 2019


I have an issue with all on my custom drag and drops in the quizzes. I'm using Articulate Storyline 360. When the user gets a correct response, it judges it as such (as indicated by the feedback) but when you hit the review results. It says they are "Incorrect" in the Review Quiz mode. However, it does seem to score correctly.

Please help - I have several of these that work improperly - this poses a huge obstacle for my team! See attached.


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Kellie Mitchell

I still have an issue with this it seems. I want to reset the slide to it's initial state if the reset button is clicked. Basically, I want to reset to initial state conditionally, I tried using a true/false variable and then restarted the course but of course that resets the variable as well. So.... that doesn't work.

We use Storyline 360. Can anyone help?

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Kellie! You came to the right place! 😁 

I have a couple recommendations for you:

  1. Set your Drag and Drop slides to Automatically Decide. This way, learners will see the correct display when they review the quiz. 
  2. The built-in Retry Quiz button on the Result Slide will automatically reset the quiz. You do not need a special variable for that. Simply add that button from the Result Tools—Design tab on the ribbon, and delete the unnecessary variable. 

Let me know if that helps! I'll be standing by. 

Wendy Farmer

Hi Kellie

Yes you will need to have 'automatically decide' on the revisit option of the quiz slide otherwise when the user clicks Review quiz and it's in reset to initial state it will display as 'INCORRECT' as SL takes it back to being unanswered.

I'm just taking a look at your file but I don't see a Reset Button anywhere? 

What Alyssa said :-) - I didn't refresh my screen before posting LOL

Kellie Mitchell



Hi there,

Thank you everyone. I had figured out that I needed the "automatically decide" option - thank you. And thank you for the tip on the hotspots.

However, on this question I have a reset button that basically jumped to the slide (which it still does in this version). The slide was set at the time to "Reset to Initial State". What I really need is to be able to reset to initial state conditionally. That is, when the variable Reset22 becomes True I want to reset the question to it's initial state. However, I want to decide automatically after.

I want them to be able to restart the question before they submit. I can not figure out a way to do both of these things without restarting the course. This is part of a 40 question exam. I know - it's long. ;) want it to move everything back to the initial state. When I do that, it doesn't give the right feedback.

Is there a way to interact with the system variables that reset to initial state and decide automatically?

I've attached an updated customer question file which you might find helpful in your endeavors as well.


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