Tracking Custom Drag and Drop slides

Apr 27, 2015

the two custom drag and drop slides I have created are not tracking in the section result slide. there for even though you get the question right it doesn't factor into your overall section score , and greatly effecting your final quiz results ... why would a custom drag and drop not track like all other quiz slides.


so to further go into this, the custom drag and drops were made from a model that Wim Tim made, I couldn't find any other examples of what I wanted except this guy.

so...when It comes down to it, the slides are drag and droppable (and if you don't want to click the link, its just so that multiple drop targets can be placed in multiple spots and still be right, you have to custom make this because normal drag and drop only have one target available) and the right slides come up if you have gotten the right or wrong answers...but after the first section review (even with the quiz master aka the answers... and getting every question right... I don't get 100%)

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Ravindra Gardi

As you are creating the custom drag and drop, so that slide is not getting included in the result slide, and also we can't edit the variables which are default like Results.ScorePoint. 

So there is no any quick fix for it. but there is one solution of creating the custom variables for Result slide.  Suppose I create variable Results.ScorePoint01 with default value 0, and using trigger on each slide I will update this variable, and call that variable on result slide. 

Also you need to do some work on calculating percentage and all that. 

Note: I am not sure whether it will affect the functioning in the LMS tracking. 

Can any of the STAFF help us plz?

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