Issues with Resuming where user left off in course uploaded to LMS

Jan 23, 2018

I have published a course in Articulate Storyline 360, using the option for the program to prompt the user if they want to resume where they left off in the course. I uploaded it to our school's LMS and open the course up, go through the course, answer the questions I created and do the activities, then I exit out. I go back into the course, and it starts back to the beginning, no prompt asking if I would like to resume where I left off. I was wanting to incorporate this in my course on our student portal, so students have the option to resume the course at a later date, instead of having to restart from the beginning.

Could someone help me out with why this may not be working? Could it be something in Storyline 360 before I go to publish, or an issue with the LMS, not allowing the course to resume. Previous uploads of the course, it would give you the proper prompt asking if you would like to resume, now it does not work. just kind of stumped on how to get this working again.  

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Brett! Let's narrow down why this could be happening. 

First, check the resume behavior in the Player Properties. Do you see Prompt to Resume selected there? If not, select that option and republish the file.

If Prompt to Resume was already selected, then we'll want to test your file in another environment. SCORM Cloud is an easy and free option for LMS testing. I'd be happy to help you test if you don't mind sharing your file with me!

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