Issues with revisiting course module after reviewing quiz results

Hi there, I'm developing quite a large online module for the first time and I am building up the complexity bit by bit. 

I have read various articles on here about adding custom feedback slides to questions, which I have done successfully.  My course is split into 6 modules, - 1 introduction, 4 learning modules and 1 conclusion.  The 4 learning modules have a results slide at the end showing the score from the various questions asked throughout.  The conclusion module at the very end has an overall results slide. 

My issue comes when the user reviews the questions at the end of each learning section.  I would like people to be able to do this to reinforce their learning, so I am reluctant to take this feature out.

The review part works fine, and I understand that the back and next buttons appear by default during the review.  I had feedback that the navigation was confusing as a result though, as the feedback layers appear with a Continue button which still works in review mode.

I created variables and triggers specific to each learning module to hide the Continue button on my feedback layers once the review button had been clicked.  I hoped to ensure the user didn't get trapped on the slide by making the Next button appear at the same time as the Continue button is hidden.

Now when the user revisits the same module again, and attempts to move through the module, once they hit the first question slide it's like review mode gets triggered again and all they can do is click through the question slides until they get to the results slide again.  I have a question slide about every other slide, so people are missing chunks of information and it's not a good experience.

Is there anything I can do about this?  I went into the trigger that lets the user advance to the next slide and made sure the specific slide I wanted them to go to was selected, but I think when people hit the first question slide in the module the navigation buttons at the bottom are the back and next buttons that appear in review mode.  The reason I know this is that I switched off the back button on all slides.

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Rebecca Potter

Update: I removed all the complicated triggers to hide the Continue and Next buttons, and reinstated the 'hide this layer' option on the feedback slides.  I still have the issue though that when the module is revisited, the content slides are skipped when you hit the first question slide.

Rebecca Potter

I'm thinking I could adjust the trigger to say skip to the slide number of the next slide, when the next button is clicked, but would that then impact on the review mode itself?  I'm tempted to put all the questions in a separate scene just for review purposes, but then that would require some complicated triggers to reflect the user's actual answers... argh!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Rebecca!

I'm happy to help you sort this out. First, I want to make sure I've captured the two issues you're seeing:

  1. The "Correct" or "Incorrect" feedback layer would be visible during Quiz Review.

    You can prevent this from happening my simply adding this trigger to each feedback layer: 'Hide layer this layer when the user clicks the Continue button.' That trigger should be on top of 'Jump to slide Next slide when the user clicks the Continue button.'
  2. Content slides are skipped during quiz review. In other words, only quiz questions are shown.

    This sounds like normal behavior. When a learner clicks the "Review Quiz" button on a results slide, only the quiz slides should appear. Is there a reason why you would want the content slides to be included?

Let me know if that answers your questions!

Rebecca Potter

Hi Alyssa

Thank you for your reply - I have fixed point 1 and put hide slide layers in all the feedback slides.

Now for point 2 I am happy that there are no content slides when the learner clicks 'Review Quiz' as this is meant to be a review of the questions. 

When they go back to my custom menu though and click on the module button again, they are taken to the first content slide as intended.  As soon as they hit the first question though, it's like review mode is triggered and from that point on only the question slides are available - without having clicked 'Review Quiz' at that point.

As a simplified example, within the learning module, it should go Content > Question > Content > Question > Results slide, but it actually goes Content > Question > Question > Results slide.  And the controls on the player when the Question slides are displayed are as per review mode not my settings for the slides.