Issues with SABA

Hi... finally i've send a demo to the client and he send me a report with two "critics" checks

1.- The courses is sending a score raw of 0 cmi.core.score.raw = 0.0 an then the cmi.core.lessons_status is "failed"

I tested the file in Reload Scorm PLayer (used to test our previous flash courses) and the Scorm Player gets the score as ussual... so i can't test why it fails?

Any suggestions?

2.-  The said that value "suspend" is not permited in cmi.core.exit (in their  system i suppose)

Is any way to change or avoid this?

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Juanjo Haro

I've have applied this:

and the instructions from a doc that says to change in the doc i upload except for this -- Findthis line:  var EXIT_BEHAVIOR =“SCORM_RECOMMENDED”.Carefully just change the line to:  varEXIT_BEHAVIOR = “ALWAYS_CLOSE_TOP" ---  

If i change that line, the course hangs up in the Reload SCORm PLayer (i can't test in SABA cause is the client system and i have not the way to do that)

As I said, with the changes except for that line, the course gets the same beheaviour in the Reload Scorm Player, it works, send the note and completes with i don't know this can solve the Saba Issues reported

Any suggestions?

Juanjo Haro

I've followed all the things about SAB that i found here but nothing works to me... 

What i need is:

1.- How to avoid to send "suspend" to the cmi.core.exit variable

2.- How to send the time with the format 00:00:00:00 

3.- How to solve the cource sending cmi.core.score.raw = 0.0 instead the score achieved

I've tested the course in Scorm Cloud and always send the score and send the undesired suspend to cmi.core.exit

Sam Carter


I recommend you open a free testing account on and test your course there.  Once you complete with a passed status, view the SCORM debug log and you will find Storyline is SCORM compliant in all respects.

It may do some good to share the debug log with your client.  Perhaps the problems are on his side.

Do you know the LMS make?

Juanjo Haro
Sam Carter

Sounds like you are not using Storyline's scormfunctions.js in favor of another file from SABA. 

If we are going to dialog this, please try to give all the needed information.  For example:  The log file/link you provided shows cmi.core.exit is set to an empty string '' which is standard and represents a normal exit. So I must read between the lines when you write that you get cmi.exit as "unknow", I think you mean that the SABA LMS is returning an error when the course calls LMSSetValue('cmi.core.exit', '').  Well, this is really a SABA LMS problem, but I may be misreading your post.

If you want more help, let us know what value SABA would like to see for cmi.core.exit.  Also, you earlier mentioned that they don't like the standard SCORM time format, but you don't mention what format they want.

Juanjo Haro


I'm using the file downloaded from here:

When I use the normal scormfunctions.js, the variable has the cmi.core.exit "suspend"

When I use that downloaded file, the value is "unknow"

This log is not from the SABA but from the SCorm Cloud (this test can't be done in the client SABA, they are an organization that not accepts test, just working files, (as i said, typical spanish behaviour instead of working together) The SABA of the clients puts "suspend" in the "cmi.core.exit" 

I don't know what value they want in the "cmi.core.exit", the only submit that "suspend" is not right (they did not help so much) so I guess that the value to send is "" and the format time I suppose is 00:00:00:00

The other critic issues are that the course send cmi.core.score.raw = 0.0, instead of the score achieved (in all my test with Reload Scorm Player or Scorm Cloud always send the note)

If upload the files so if you want to do some test by your own....

My knowledge of scorm and saba is olo limited but i try to answer the best i can to your questions.

Thanks so much

Juanjo Haro
Juanjo Haro

Ok, so i will use these to send whatever wants the client...

The other critic questions is that the course is sending a score raw of 0 cmi.core.score.raw = 0.0 an then the cmi.core.lessons_status is "failed" (if is reported a critic issue, i suppose even the estudent sucess

In the many test i've done with Reload Scorm Player and SCorm cloud, the score is always sending, and the lesson_status too.

Maybe this is the question who solves using the scormfunctions SABA?

Juanjo Haro

I'm working right now in a new demo. I will put the scormfunctions of SABA and this cmi.core.exit line and see what happens.

I'll tell you

Really, if i was in the same country as yours, i'll will invite to diner all the people in that place that it helping me a lot. I hope to achive results with that thing and stop bombarding you with a lot of newbie questions.

I love Storyline and it seems work for many people, but me... buuaaaaa!

Juanjo Haro

Hi, Sam... the issue with the raw seems to be solved (i think cause the client only send a ok over the capture screen with the failed report) I just use the scormfunctions.downloaded

But the another critic point still remains: they insists that cmi.core.exe can send "suspend" and i don't find any way to change this... my knowledge of javascript is null

I found this line, but i don't know how to change it or i i can change to send another value

//we want to set the exit type to suspend immediately because some LMS's only store data if they get a suspend request

blnResult = SCORM_CallLMSSetValue("cmi.core.exit", SCORM_TranslateExitTypeToSCORM(DEFAULT_EXIT_TYPE)) && blnResult;

I just need to know ho to send another value than "suspend" to the cmi.core.exit

Kelly Kung

Hi Juanjo,

This is a late reply.  I think you have the answer to your own question.  The file that you got from has the code needed to send the a null value to the cmi.core.exit.

At least for the SCORMFunctions.js that I got from them a long time ago, line 163 is commented out and they added line 164 (this is what Saba LMS works better with).  Here is a copy and paste:

Line 163

//blnResult = SCORM_CallLMSSetValue("cmi.core.exit", SCORM_TranslateExitTypeToSCORM(strExitType)) && blnResult;

Line 164

blnResult = SCORM_CallLMSSetValue("cmi.core.exit", "") && blnResult;


The part that says "cmi.core.exit","" is in effect doing what you wanted it to do, which is send a null to the LMS.