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Jul 16, 2020

I've been facing few challenges with the submit button that I have created manually while creating a multiple response quiz. I'm trying to figure out how to do the following:

1. 'Submit' button to be in the 'Normal (disabled)' state till the user selects any two options from the multiple response Quiz

2. 'Submit' button should change to 'Selected (enabled)' state when the user selects ONLY two from the four options available.

3. 'Submit' button should change to 'Normal (disabled)' State from 'Selected (enabled)' state, if the user chooses to 'deselect' one of the two options selected OR if the user chooses more than two options.

4. 'Submit' button should display layer 'Correct' only when the user selects Option01 and Option03 as the answers and clicks Submit.

5. 'Submit' button should display layer 'Incorrect' when the user selects any two options other than the ones mentioned in point 4 and should return back to the knowledge check screen for another attempt.

I have attached the story file I'm working on for your reference (If that helps you).

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Jagadish

any reason why you aren't using a Pick Many quiz slide type for this interaction.  

See attached update to your file.  I duplicated your slide then used the Insert > Create Freeform and selected the Pick Many slide type.  You'll see it automatically adds the default Correct/Incorrect layers which you can customise so they look like the ones you have created. You can also change the number of attempts to 2 and that will automatically add in a try again layer for a repeat attempt.

You'll probably need to tweak with some additional triggers to get all the requirements you have listed...but take a look and see if the built in slide will work for you

Ned Whiteley

Hi Jagadish,

I think you are trying to make this too complicated. In the attached example, I have converted your slide to a Pick Many quiz slide and then used the built-in triggers and states to do most of the work.

There are a number of built-in states in Storyline, including Normal and Disabled, and it is best to use these as they are intended rather than to create a disabled state and call it Normal. In the example, I have used a trigger to set the Submit button to Disabled when the timeline starts for the slide and then changed its state to Normal (i.e. enabled it) when the user selects at least one of the answers (unfortunately there isn't an option for at least two of the answers).

When you use a quiz slide, the appropriate Correct or Incorrect layer is automatically shown when the Submit button is clicked, based on the selections that have been made, and so you don't need to add any triggers to achieve that.

Hope this helps, but if you have any other queries, just get back to me here.

Ned Whiteley

Hi Wendy,

Welcome from the pariah state ! Just before I hit the Post Reply button I said to my wife that I bet when the screen refreshes that Wendy has beaten me to it by two minutes. I was only one minute out. I knew I should have hit the Post Reply button before checking on the cooking !!

Hope you are all well and enjoying not being locked down, unlike some of us. :-(

Jagadish Kolagani

Hello Wendy, Thank you for your help. I appreciate it. 

There is no specific reason for not using Pick Many quiz slide type, I'm trying to create a quiz MANUALLY without using the set templates in Storyline. Also, I'm trying to enable the submit button to the requirements mentioned above. 

Stay safe. Thanks again.

Andrew Hanley

@Jagadish - you will need to change the Submit button from disabled/normal,  when the Learner selects/deselects an answer button. To do this,  you can either use STATES or VARIABLES.

I would use VARIABLES because I think the STATES will require more triggers to be implemented, and well, working with States is a bit clunky right now in Storyline I feel.

However, both will work great and should give you the results you need.

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