Issues with viewing content on iPads and iPhones

Mar 19, 2021

As part of our review process we check that all packages on the Sherwood E-Academy work on laptops/ipads/iphones/android phones and have found an issue with some packages working on iphones and ipads.

On a couple of our packages that have interactions in, they work as they should on on laptop, iPad and android phone, however on an iphone it will not go past the slide that has the interaction on

Also on an iPad it will not enlarge any images that have the zoom icon added, I have reviewed on an old iPad that hasn’t had any updates and the zoom icon works as it should. 

We have raised this with our development team but they asked us to republish and check the interactions, however I am not sure how I can change any sort of settings that are just in relation to iPads or iPhones.

Has anyone else come across this issue.  Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am stumped.

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Lindsey Ball

No advice from me, just here to chime in that I'm also having issues, moreso on iPad. We have courses that play fine on desktop and iPhone/Android, but then won't load at all on iPad. It seemed to be tired to a specific version of Storyline, but after republishing on a newer version, the course still won't load. Can anyone from Articulate chime in here?

Maria Costa-Stienstra

Thank you both, Nikki and Lindsey, for opening support cases with our engineers!

Nikki, it seems your issue was related to a corrupt video file, and once the video was removed, you were able to successfully publish and view your project using an iPad and an iPhone.

Lindsey, I will keep an eye on your case with my teammate Cleo. Please reach out to Cleo if you have any additional questions.