Issue Linking Files in Storyline 2

Hey everyone,

I have a course built in Storyline 2 that has a few pages that link to documents that the learner needs to download and complete. The files that the course links to live in my companies SharePoint site. When building the page I hyperlinked the file by "Loading a File" not by entering a URL.

When the user gets to this page in the course they click the hyperlinked text and a box shows up. Do you want to Open, Save, or Save As. If they choose "Save" or "Save As", they have to allow their computer to download the file (pop-up box)out of protected mode. Once they do that,  they can enable editing on the Word doc and edit the document.

The issue is if they choose "Open". If they do that they have to allow the file to be downloaded like the other options, but then when they try to enable editing it brings them to a page asking them to log into the Articulate Online session, but it's inside the Word doc. There is no way to login from here and they can't edit the document.

I could put some text into the page that explains they need to save the file not open it, but I feel like I shouldn't have to do that. Is there some way to control this and remove this room for error?



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Mike Meyer

I can't use the URL feature because the files live in a secure SharePoint site. I have to hyperlink to a File. I'm wondering if there is a way to remove the "Open" feature when the user clicks the hyperlinked file, which is where the problem that I'm having is happening. If they could only have the options to "Save" or "Save As", they would not run into this strange issue of having to login and not being able to. Is there any way to make this happen?

Mike Meyer

hmmm, but if that is the case then I have to rely on users figuring that out themselves. I'd love to find a way on the development side to get rid of this room for error. I placed a text box telling people to click "Save" or "Save As" and not "Open" for now, but there must be a better solution.

I thought for a moment that maybe if I had the hyperlink open within the same window (instead of opening in a new window), that the user wouldn't get the prompt to login to Articulate Online again when trying to open the document. That didn't work though...

Mike Meyer

No, our SharePoint site is private. If I hyperlinked to a document inside of the SharePoint page, the user would have to have a login account for SharePoint to be able to open up the file.

Have you ever seen this login to Articulate Online problem that I'm getting when trying to "Open" a document that is hyperlinked as a file? When you hyperlink a document as a file, it saves the document to the Articulate Online platform (i.e. the path to the document is So why is it asking the user to login to be able to edit the document when they already logged in to take the course?



Leslie McKerchie

I've never seen this before Mike, so please be patient with my questions. 

You are publishing the course to Articulate Online, which has a link to a Sharepoint file, that is then prompting another AO login if user chooses to 'Open' the file?

Is your Articulate Online account associated with your Sharepoint site? Could this be what is driving the authentication due to being secure?

What happens if you publish the content to Tempshare? Can you access the file link as expected?