It's DONE!!

Feb 19, 2013

Yeah!!  After a lot of trying to figure things out on my own, reading these blogs, and just plain thinking (what a concept!). I finally finished my first story.  I've loaded all the files to my FTP server.  I used IE to play the file so I know it works on IE.

My goal was to learn SL as I created an actual eLearning program.  I wasn't all that interested in good instructional design, but more so in learning SL.  As a result, I've added a bunch of stuff that wasn't necessary just so I could learn how to do it.  Thank you to all of you who helped me by answering my questions.  I appreciated it very much.

I just have one question: does the FTP folder have to have all the files?

Here's the link, if you're interested.

Your feedback is welcome.


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Mike Enders

Woo HOO!!!  


Thanks for posting this and letting the community take alook!  It’s always hard to put one’s workout there for others to see (at least I know it is for me!), so I reallyappreciate your bravery in putting your first ever Storyline project out here.  WooT!!! 

And there’s a lot to like about your approach in thiscourse.  I really like the game-likeatmosphere that you’ve created (perhaps it’s my latent hero complex, but it’salways nice to save a beautiful genie!). I also like how you integrated the questions into the flow of the courseand the design of the slide.  This keepsthe learner immersed within the scenario instead of having a jarring change totypical quiz looking slide. 

You alsotake advantage of Storyline’s video capabilities which switches things up forthe learner and provides good info.

On the video note, I’d be tempted to remove the built-invideo controls and size the video to fit precisely on the video screen youintroduce.  (see image below). You couldswitch on the seekbar for this slide to give the learner the ability to scrub.  This will give the impression that the move is playing right there in the theater.

A couple other things I might focus on:

Navigation.  I got a little lost in terms of the flow.  For example, when I’m moving the exploreraround the map, I wasn’t sure where I should place him (I ended up using himlike an eraser hoping something might appear!). I’d suggest creating a visual cue so that you know you’re over a drop zone. 

Visual Style. Thisis such a tough one because it can be hard to find a consistent design assetswhen you have such diverse characters (a Genie, a Professor, and an Explorer)and locations.  But I think it would beworth a shot to go through a couple of the tutorials inthis section of the community. David does a great job on design mapping andit might help you tighten up the overall design when it comes to fonts,graphics, etc.

I hope this helps.

Again, thank you for putting this out here for folks to seeand comment upon.  It gives folks like meideas for future projects!  This is a nicefirst attempt Alan.  Keep it up!


Alan Landers

Hi Tim, thank you for your kind words. It's really nice when people like your work. I don't know if I'll ever be able to get as "carried away" with the story and whimsy in the future, but it was fun to do. Since my goal was to learn SL, I could do whatever I liked. Your comments are encouraging.  Thank you again.

Alan Landers

Hi Mike, I reviewed the posts you recommended and found them very useful. I'll be using some of the ideas in the future. One thing about the fonts I used. Some people wanted to know why I had such diversity and why they were so different.

I really wanted to have voiceover recordings, but didn't have the budget or time to do that. So, I decided to use various fonts to convery accents. Some people got it, others didn't.

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