Unwanted button appear on slide layer

Jun 23, 2020

I have a quiz which draws 10 questions randomly from a question bank of 20 questions.  On the failure results slide (layer) the user gets a message "Retake Quiz and the questions reset back to zero.  

On my success results slide I have nothing but the base layer button "Exit Course"

I am finding that if the user succeeds first time the success layer works as it should but if the user fails and then retakes the quiz the success slide is also showing the Retake Quiz button (rectangle), which is only on my failures results layer.


Thanks in advance.


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Sam Hill

Hi Paul, is it possible that the slide is Resuming its state and showing both layers? For example, if Resuming, and there isn't a trigger to hide the layers, you are probably seeing both failure and success together.

You could check the slide properties and see if they are set to hide other layers, this will ensure that success will hide the failure when it is shown.

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