Item in Player Menu to open specific layer on slide

Nov 18, 2016

Is it possible to add an item to the player menu to open a specific layer of a slide?

For example: slide 2 has 4 layers and I want to make this visible in the menu:

Slide 1
Slide 2
  Layer a
  Layer b
  Layer c
  Layer d

I tried a workaround: creating an empty slide for layer b and then using a trigger to jump directly to slide 2 and using a variable that opens layer b when opening slide 2, but this doesn't work because you really see the empty slide for 1 second :-(

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Walt Hamilton

I'm not sure what the deal is; I've had other instances where jumping from a slide when the timeline starts happens so quickly it can't be seen. Obviously, that isn't working here.  I like your workaround. What I'd suggest is to copy the picture and text from the target layer to the target sldie. That avoids the blank screen. There is a slight delay before the navigation appears, but the user should be focused on the text, and not really be bothered by it.

I think your only other option is a complete custom menu.

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