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Judy Nollet

The standard MENU in the player only links to slides, not layers.

It is possible to have the MENU show what you want, but it would require extra slides and special programming. To clarify and simplify the instructions below, let's call the slide with content S1, and assume it has only 2 layers: S1A and S1B. You want the MENU to show S1, S1A, and S1B.

  • Create blank slides that correspond to each layer, and name them S1A and S1B. Edit the MENU so that those names appear just below the S1 slide.
  • Set up a Text variable called ViewS1, with the initial entry "S1" (i.e., the name of the slide with the content).
  • Add a trigger to the blank S1A slide to adjust the ViewS1 variable to "S1A."
  • Add a trigger to the blank S1B slide  to adjust the ViewS1 variable to "S1B."
  • Add triggers to both blank slides telling them to jump to S1 when the timeline starts.
  • Add triggers to the S1 slide so that it hides or shows the layers based on what's in the ViewS1 variable (e.g., show layer S1A on the condition that ViewS1 value = "S1A").
  • To allow the user to return to the base layer when they click S1 in the MENU, add a trigger to S1 that adjusts the ViewS1 variable back to "S1"; be sure to put that trigger after the other triggers associated with showing/hiding layers.

Yes, it's complicated. If you have no idea what I'm talking about above, I suggest you reconsider the need to have the MENU directly access layers. Obviously, it'd be much simpler to just have the one slide in the MENU, and then let the user access the various layers using whatever buttons are on the slide to begin with.

Good luck!