Javascript and timeline

Dec 16, 2014

Hi everybody,

How can I modify objects defined in a timeline with Javascript?

By example, if I want to modify the text color in a text box defined in the timeline?

Thank you for your help.

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Denis Gareau

Hi Michael,

Thank you for your fast answer.

I know how to make a state. My problem is not to define a state, but to program an object defined in a timeline. In this case,  I want to control the object with javascript. I want to change the color of a textbox randomly.

I'm sending you a demo in attachment. In this demo, I have 7 fields with 7 numbers defined in binary. Each new number created should have a new color, randomly. I think a can't do that with state.

My question is: Is it possible to program an object defined in a timeline in javascript?

In the same time, why this demo doesn't work in HTML5???

Thank you again.

Denis Gareau

PS: Sorry for my english.

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