JavaScript output for variables to print filename working locally but not on Moodle...

Hello Heroes!

After trials, tribulations, heartbreak and pain I finally worked out the Java code to place variables into file names to save/print the result sides. It worked perfectly and I was extremely proud of myself as I am not a programmer.

All was going well until I uploaded to Moodle and tested it on the server...

Instead of my student names and course name in the file name area, all I could/can get was player.pdf....

Here is my code:

var player = GetPlayer();
var first=player.GetVar("FirstName");
var middle=player.GetVar("MiddleName");
var last=player.GetVar("LastName");
var title=player.GetVar("CourseTitle");
document.title=first + " " + middle + " " + last + " " + "-" + " " + title;

All the variables have been checked, like a million times, and it does work brilliantly locally.

Any assistance would be most welcome!

I've added on of the modules below.

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Phil Mayor

May need to add styling inline 

text: [
{text:'51. Yesterday the inspector asked me when ', fontSize: 15, color: '#000000', alignment: 'left', margin: [40, 10, 0, 0]},
{text: Q51, fontSize: 15, color: '#000000', bold: true},
{text:' last', fontSize: 15, color: '#000000', alignment: 'left'}


Phil Mayor

Could try adding margins outside of the square brackets: If that doest work may have to set up some styling

text: [
{text:'51. Yesterday the inspector asked me when ', fontSize: 15, color: '#000000', alignment: 'left'},
{text: Q51, fontSize: 15, color: '#000000', bold: true},
{text:' last', fontSize: 15, color: '#000000', alignment: 'left'}

margin: [40, 10, 0, 0]

MarkAnthony Chesner

I have three different modules, each to pdf, then a teacher evaluation interaction that provides a certificate of completion to the student also to pdf.

Almost more question?

How would one go about setting up something that would return the text value "Null" if the variable was empty???


MarkAnthony Chesner

Thank Math!

I've got it all pretty much working the way it should, finally...

I do have a curious question; how could I change the colour of a variable based on its actual content with PDFMake. That is, the variable will either have an answer, some text, or it will return INCOMPLETE. If it's incomplete I would like it to change colour, red for example. I've been trying for the last several hours but it is beyond me.

It's not hypercritical at this point, just would like to have the esthetics in the PDF.

Any ideas?

The variables are Q51 to Q60 in the attached HTML.

Thank you if you can help!

Just to add that I could not have finished my project without the great help from all you Heroes!!!

Thank you all very much!!!

Math Notermans

Out of my checking or testing...

if(conditon == true){
do something
}else if(someotherconditon == true){
do something else
do something if all conditions fail

Offcourse this was dummy code.. it should be something like...

if(isQuestionAnswered == true){
console.log("1: isQuestionAnswered: "+isQuestionAnswered);
}else if(isQuestionAnswered == false && myValue == "sometext"){
console.log("2: isQuestionAnswered: "+isQuestionAnswered+" | myValue: "+myValue);
}else if(myValue == "INCOMPLETE"){
console.log("3: myValue: "+myValue);
console.log("3: all conditions fail");

When copying this watch the "", because they fail on copying from the forum.
Something like this might work.
In the if/else statements you can then add the styling for your texts.

MarkAnthony Chesner

Thank you Math!

Could you please walk me through it? :/

I am trying to deal with open-ended questions. That is, the actual text variable will have an unknown text value. In articulate, if the field is empty, I have assigned an "INCOMPLETE" value to the variable. I would like those variables with this value to be red in the pdf. 

If possible...

Thanks again!!!

Math Notermans

Ok here you can see how to it can work setting any text to a color.

A few things to keep in mind. Storyline gives different types of text different classes. A textfield with a referenced variable in it gets the classname 'text-segment'. Thus when referring to a textfield with a variable in it can be set to any color with this code...

var textSegments = document.getElementsByClassName("text-segment");, 1, { fill: "pink" });

As getElementsByClassName gets all elements with that classname on your page, you have to loop them if you have more.

The code to ensure when the input is 'INCOMPLETE' the text gets red is like this...

var textSegments = document.getElementsByClassName("text-segment");

if(ipQ1 != "INCOMPLETE"){
console.log("filled: "+ipQ1);, 1, { fill: "green" });
}else if(ipQ1 == null || ipQ1 == "INCOMPLETE"){
console.log("not filled: "+ipQ1);, 1, { fill: "red" });

Adding my Storyline sample to help out...

PS. Doublechecked adding multiple textfields and more textfields with referenced variables. All textfields with a referenced variable ( %myvariable% ) get the class 'text-segment' and thus all these will be changed in color. So if you want to only change one of those...the code is...[0], 1, { fill: "red" });

MarkAnthony Chesner

Thank you all so very much!!!

Russel's solution is working excellent, just will have to adjust this for my four different docs and change incomplete to full caps.

Thank you ever so much!!!

Off-topic, would anyone know how to put an accordion, with a smooth transition, onto a moodle page? I found the code, but it snags for a split second on opening and closing. I am sure it's a javascript solution, but I don't know where to put this in moodle....

Any takers? :)