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Apr 09, 2015

I am doing a Story and I need help with the JavaScript.  I have someone that can write the script but we need a jumping off point.  Here is what I am working with:

1.  Have a document with key words highlighted.

2.  Student will need to review other documents and then write a medical summary.

3.  The course will then compare their written summary with the document that has key words highlighted.

4. Would like a "key word" match done in the background that will capture the 1st document and the students document and highlight the words in red they did not match.  If they get all the key words match it will just show the documents side by side and nothing will be highlighted.

If that makes sense and someone knows how to do this please reach out.  I know we need to create JavaScript then "pass it" to Storyline, not sure how to do this but I see there is a feature to execute JavaScript in Storyline, wanted to know if that is where we type the script then execute?

Also wanted to know if anyone has any idea how to start the coding or if there are certain codes we need to use?

Thank you, Ronda


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Phil Mayor

Hi Ronda, sorry I didn't reply to your previous request.  Here is a link for Javascript best practices

Highlighting in red may not be doable, you can likely bold or underline, but the text editor won't work with colour changes.

1 and 2 don't need javascript,  3 s and 4 will.  If you have someone who can write the code show them the link.

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