Jaws and Quiz Review Button

Dec 08, 2022


I'm updating e-learning to be accessible with Jaws and have two queries:

1. When the Quiz Review button is selected, Jaws isn't reading out the correct/incorrect answers for result ticks sitting outside of the selection boxes.

2. The correct/incorrect banner at the bottom appears as a button to Jaws and disappears when pressed.



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Eric Santos

Hi Dorothy,

Thanks for reaching out! It would be really helpful to see a video of how items 1 and 2 happen on your end. Would you be willing to record your screen, so we'll know we're on the same page? 

You can use any tool you like or try one of the Articulate apps in this article. Then reply with the link to the video if it's online, or upload the video file to this discussion.

Marie Seitz

Hi, I found this thread when running into the same 2 problems. Was a solution identified?

Review Results button functionality in JAWS has a few issues in my experience: It doesn't read the question options, doesn't indicate what user selected and if correct or not (vs what you see on screen, and the visual indicator on bottom becomes a button.

Dorothy Miller

Hi Marie

I have raised a feature request for this development which is currently open.  However, I have been in regular contact with Articulate Support to create a workaround until the feature request has been completed.  I've just finished testing the workaround last week and it works well - it uses variables and layers to pick up the answers and report on.

I've made some notes on how I did this which I will upload here this week.