JAWS not reading alt text on buttons correctly

Jul 17, 2020

Storyline 360 (December version), JAWS 2020, Chrome browser. 

Anyone else have experience with this weird issue? I built a course, and JAWS reads all the buttons fine up to a certain point, and then after that point doesn't read the alt text, but just calls all buttons "button." However, if I replay a slide, JAWS will read the alt text correctly on the second pass. I did find this thread from a while ago, and am going to test to see if that's what's happening. 

I seem to continually have issues with Storyline and JAWS. I work for the federal government so having courses be 508 compliant is a legal requirement. I already have a ticket open because JAWS reads items that should be hidden. I can't update to the latest versions of Storyline because of that. 

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Kristin!

This sounds just like a bug we fixed in Storyline 360 recently! We've released a fix for several bugs where JAWS didn't read ALT text.

We are now on Storyline 360 Update 41 (Build 3.41.22450.0), which includes a variety of accessibility enhancements. You can read about the changes here!

Is there anything we can do on our end to guide your team towards updating Storyline 360? We'd love for you to take advantage of the new features and fixes!

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