JAWS Screen Reader and tabbing

Dec 13, 2018

We would like to be able to customize our pages so the user can tab to only the objects that require focus for interaction and images for alt tags, but not the various text fields on any given page.  We can do this easy enough in the tab order window (which is a great feature in Storyline btw), BUT then the screen readers do not read the text.  I have seen this done in other software, is there a way to read page content with a screen reader, without tabbing to it?

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Joe Shultheis

Yes we do that as well. We have a button to initiate an AT&T "robot" voice to read the text on the screen as well, however the vision impaired people prefer their own technologies such as the JAWS reader to personalize their experience. We are so close to reaching our desired level of compliance. Shame it either comes down to designing for those sighted users that want to tab efficiently, skipping the text boxes that they can simply read,  OR   tabbing to everything on the screen so the JAWS reader will read it. It would be nice to have both.  Tab to only the objects that require interaction, and still have the text read from JAWS.  OH well.

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