JAWS screen reader issue with differnt size fonts in hyperlinks

Mar 24, 2022

When I create hyperlinks now in Storyline 3, I add [new window] to the end of the hyperlink label to alert users using JAWS that this link will open in a new window (ie. Resource link [new window]. When I publish/test the link is read as one link in JAWS. I want to make the [new window] a smaller font size than the rest of the link for aesthetic reasons. However, when I change the font size to only part of the link, JAWS recognizes the one link as two. For example, it will read "Resource link" as the first link and then "[new window]" as the second link, even though Storyline has it set up as one link. Once I try to make the entre link the same font size again, JAWS will not recognize it again as one link unless I totally remove the link/trigger and start over. 

Has this been reported before as an issue and is there a solution? Thank you.

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