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I'm developing a 28 chapter Greek course and each chapter is pretty huge.  I'm wondering how to link the chapters or separate projects together.  I thought I'd make an HTML file/page and just have all my chapters/projects link back to that.  Can I put that html file one level of from each of the Chapter01, Chapter02 etc. folders and if I do the jump to that file (which would have a huge path name c:\projects\MTNG\ etc.  will I have path problems or when

I ftp it up to the Internet server it is in that folder that contains all of them relative to each other will the links up

to the html file keep its place once I transfer it up to the web?  -- Sorry for another dumb question ... 

I'm getting the hang of this and its kind of like Photoshop you can do a lot quickly but it's depth can keep you

going for a long time....


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ted hildebrandt

In this same stream do you guys do anything like to keep the jump to file path

good :    ..\Filename.html     where the ..\ jumps you up one level. Some of the

programs I've used do that.  Any thoughts on how to keep the path when it's in

a moving target from machine to machine and online versus off line?

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Ted!

I'm not the best person for structure "level" advice.. so I'll stay away from that one and let the pros help you :)

However, I do have a suggestion that may simplify this for you;

Why not make one main project to "house" all of the chapters? You could publish each chapter as its own project and then insert the chapters as web objects. 

I created a very quick example:

Main Chapter Example

As I said, though, it's a quickie :) You could get the sizing just perfect to avoid the scrollbars, etc. 

Just wanted to share this in case it was something that would work for you.

Good luck on the project!