'Jump to' function in assessment only works on last screen of scene????

I have an assessment with either 4 or 5 questions in it.  The user only gets the 5th question if they're on a certain track (variable setting).  Normally this should be an easy setup by having the submit button on the prior screen go to either the results screen or the next question based on the variable setting.  HOWEVER, the 'jump to' function only seems to work on the last screen. I verified this by moving the screens around and confirming that the function only works when it's on the last screen.  Any ideas how to resolve this.  Seems like some sort of Storyline bug.

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I found a 'workaround' to make this work.  I took the last 'optional' question and moved it to it's own scene so it was separated from the other questions.  For some reason, doing this worked... so now clicking next went to either the results screen or the optional question depending on the user's track.  If the optional question was in the same scene it wouldn't work correctly. Strange.