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Stephanie Powner

Hi Wendy - think i am getting there.  I checked the Master and the elements on there had longer display times than the elements on the slide itself.  As you might expect, I am using the same master for multiple slides.  Do you know if there are recommendations for how to set the display times for elements on the master please?  I don't want elements to disappear from the master before the end and but I don't want the elements on the master making the slide longer than it should be, so I can use the trigger to show the next button.  Ideally don't want to have to go through and change all of the triggers to fire when the audio ends as it is a long course. Thanks for helping...

Wendy Farmer

Hi Stephanie

not sure I am understanding you. 

If your master slide has a timeline of 10 seconds (and no trigger action) and a slide using that master slide layout has a trigger to move on after 5 seconds or when audio completes, the trigger on the slide (not the master) is going to execute. It's when you have conflicting triggers on the master slide layout to jump to slide when timeline ends that it can become an issue.


Stephanie Powner

Hi Wendy

Thanks for the help.  When I looked at the slide master, the timeline was 113 seconds until the end, but the timeline of the slide itself was only 20 secs.  I dragged the End of the master timeline to 15 seconds and the next button on the slide then appeared at the end of the main slide timeline as i wanted it to.  I didn't change any triggers on the Master.  I am waiting for Articulate Support to get back to me and I sent them the Storyline file, so I will let you know what they say.  Thanks again.