Jump to slide action on Resume

I am trying to set an action so that when a user resumes a course they are redirected to a particular slide depending on the value of one or more variables.  To be more specific, I set a variable "youPassed" to be true if a quiz is passed, and a variable "youFailed" if the quiz is failed.  I instruct the user to exit from the result slide and if they failed, they should be automatically redirected to the slide preceding the quiz questiions, where the quiz is reset.  But it does not work on resume.  Any ideas?

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Phil Mayor

Hi Paul you are setting YouFalied to true on timeline end of that layer probably best on timeline start, the beenHere variable being set on timeline end may not get changed before you exit if the timeline has not ended.

Are you counting attempts in the LMS?  Why not just set one attempt in the LMS and three attempts in the scorm

Paul Shorr

Hi Phil,

Thanks for looking at it.  I have tried  many variations as to when the variables get set, but no matter what, the resume function does not seem to read the variable youFailed at the beginning of the slide.  I am not sure that this is a bug or by design.  I set the result slide to reset to initial state on revisit, so that it SHOULD follow the sequence of reading the variable and making the jump before else happens when you resume, and it does appear to do that if you revisit the slide within a session, but it just does not do the jump when you resume.

We are not counting attempts at the moment.  What I really would like is for the final assessment to function as it did in Presenter, and not be part of the resume data.  The LMS admin would like to have a record of failed attempts, so I cannot reset the quiz before exiting.  Also the LMS is SABA, which causes other issues with Storyline, and I do not have access to experiment with the LMS settings.

Any ideas are appreciated!

Paul Shorr

>Storyline will not save any changes in the resume data including variable changes on the last slide you exit from.

AAAAHH.  Thank you for explaining that.  It is not only that beenHere is not being saved, it is also youFailed not being saved either. That explains why it works in the session, but not on resume. So I cannot tell the learner to exit from the result slide and expect that they can do anything else but return to the same screen, in the same state.  To make a long story short, a series of long presenter modules using quizmaker quizzes were set up in that manner - the learner exits from the result screen of the quizmaker final quiz, and when they resume they are put back at the beginning of the quiz, since resume in quizmaker can be disabled.  In storyline I don't have the ability to remove the quiz from resume separately.  This also causes SCORM1.2 resume data size limits to be reached, but that's another issue all together.

Thanks again

Paul Shorr

I thought about having an action that jumps to a new slide automatically from the result slide, but then the resume goes to that slide anyway.  So any conditions that would cause that slide to automatically jump on resume would already be set and would happen anytime not just on resume.  I will just have to offer the retry quiz button, or tell the user to select the quiz from the menu (I can have code on the intro page to jump to a slide that says you've passed, no more tries, or you've failed, reset the quiz and the failed variable on the next button).