Jump to URL File - can't access Resource File

Feb 06, 2015

Hi all -

I have built a short course and I created a trigger to Jump to URL/File.  I want to jump to a file I have uploaded in my Resources - ElectionStatusAid.pdf. 

I have put in the Jump to URL/File as - story_content/external_files/ElectionStatusAid.pdf

I can post my .story file if that would help, but can anyone see anything obvious I'm doing wrong?


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Valerie

I placed the pdf on my desktop, opened the .story file, added the link to the pdf on slide 1.6. Published the file to web and played it - no issue, when I click the document icon the pdf opens.

Make sure you have the pdf stored locally when you are linking to it.  Then when you publish it will be bundled up with all the files into the external_content folder.

Here is the zip output

Alan Bourne

Hi Wendy,

We store all of our storyline files on our internal windows server to enable multiple people to access files. Our attachments are saved here too, however when publishing, the attachments don't actually get copied to the external files folder. Now I know you mentioned in the above that the files have to be local, however this makes it difficult for organisations working with bigger teams.

For example our storyline file is located, opened and saved here, no need to have it located on your desktop:

//SERVERNAME/client files/Storyline file.story

Any attachments we link to:

//SERVERNAME/client files/attachments/my.pdf

Do you know if this will ever be supported? As you can imagine this creates a nightmare for us working with many developers as we need to drop files in on publish and it's not always known if a project has attachements.



Wendy Farmer

Hi Alan

I know from experience that I have had issues with assets that are not located locally when using Storyline.

Read this support link about how you should be working locally to avoid erratic unexpected behaviour with Storyline files.


Don't shoot the messenger...lol

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